Do You Have Water In The Basement Of Your Newly Built Home? What To Do Before Calling Your Builder

If you've recently built a home and you've noticed that your sump pump is overflowing, there are a few professionals you want to call. There are a lot of different reasons why the house may have flooded, but flooding will always devalue your home and can be associated with health risks, so the flooding has to be solved. Here are a few professionals you want to get in contact with so you can figure out why the basement flooded and who is accountable for the problem.

Water Mitigation Company

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the water that is trapped in the basement or is overflowing. A water damage and restoration company will come to the home to suck all the water out of the sump pump area; to clean up any water marks, staining and odors; and to help disinfect the area. Once this is done, you need to target the problem and find an immediate solution.


Have a plumbing company come to the property to give you their opinion of why the house flooded before you contact your building contractor. Ask them about the following problems:

  • Is the sump pump large enough?
  • Is the sump pump in the right location?
  • What materials were used around the home to support the foundation?

The plumber will look at a variety of things to try to target why you have flooding. After they give the estimate to repair the problem, you're ready to call your builder.

Your Building Contractor

Ask your building contractor what design flaws or problems could have caused the flooding in your home. They should be willing to cover the damages with your home warranty if they aren't covered by insurance. If they give you reasons that are different from the plumbers, you can call them out on the differences and demand and explanation.

You have to make sure the flooding isn't going to be a continual problem that you deal with over the time that you own your home, and this may require that you put a new sub pump into the home. You can also set an alarm to notify you when the water level gets to a certain point. Your builder has to be held accountable if there were design flaws that caused the flooding, so be prepared to be stern when requesting that it's fixed at the builder's expense if it's a design related problem. 

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