Three Reasons to Professionally Waterproof Your Foundation

Your foundation is exposed to consistent moisture exposure as it rains. Over time, this moisture can seep into the concrete and cause physical damage and cracking. A cracked and damaged foundation can then cause serious structural issues for the rest of your home, which besides being a major disruption, can also represent a significant expense to fix. Waterproofing your foundation earlier can help save you headaches and money down the road. Understanding some of the types of damage that foundation waterproofing protects you against can help make it clear to you why you should talk to a professional about installing waterproofing methods in your home. 

Water Damage Protection

The most obvious reason to consider having a contractor install waterproofing solutions on and around your foundation is that it can protect your basement from water damage. Flooding in a finished basement can ruin electronics, furniture, carpeting, flooring, and any of your belongings that may be stored there, which can be expensive and time-consuming to clean up and repair. Beyond preventative waterproofing, like vapor barriers and sealant applied to the walls, alternative methods like sump pumps which remove water as it begins to enter your home are extremely effective as well.

Prevent Mold Growth

Another important reason to consider installing waterproofing solutions around your home's foundation is the fact that, even if you are not in a flood-prone area, you can cut down on the amount of humidity and ambient moisture that manages to enter your basement. By extension, this means that you are less likely to suffer from hidden mold growth in your basement, which can set in slowly and spread over time. Since mold growth is slow, it can be hard to notice. It is also expensive to clean up and can pose a variety of health risks to you and your family, especially if you have allergies or other underlying respiratory conditions.

Structural Protection

Finally, the last key reason to waterproof your foundation is the fact that keeping water away from the concrete of your foundation will help prevent cracks and other forms of structural damage from occurring, which happen when water is absorbed into the concrete and is able to freeze. Cracked foundations can cause structural issues throughout the rest of your home, including cracks in the ceiling and walls, doors and windows that are unable to open and close properly, and uneven flooring. Foundation issues and the structural damage that they can cause throughout your home can be extremely expensive to fix, so it's best to have a basement waterproofing service to come to your home.