Water Damage In The Garage: Why Deal With It?

Do you have water damage in your garage? While this may not seem like a big deal to you because the interior of your home is not affected, there are many reasons to address the water issues that are existing in your garage area. If you have a water problem in your garage, you should call a water damage restoration company right away. Here are just a few reasons to do this so you help protect your home's foundation and keep the garage in great condition.

Mold can get in the garage

Anywhere there is moisture, there can be mold. If you don't want mold to get into your home, you should make sure your entire property is protected against the mold — not just your main living quarters. Mold spores can travel, so if you don't take care of the mold that is existing in your garage now, these mold spores can travel into the main part of your home via an open door or breezeways, allowing mold to start to grow in other parts of your house.

You also don't want to breathe in the mold that can be existing in your garage, particularly if you have an issue with asthma or allergies or if the room is not ventilated well. If you smell a musty odor in your garage or see brown, yellow, black, or green stains on your walls or in the ceilings, then call a water damage repair company right away to check out your situation.

Water damage can be extensive

The longer water damage sits in the garage or anywhere in your home, the more extensive the damage can actually be. If your garage is affected by moisture at a steady pace, such as from a leaking rooftop, your garage can become damaged with swollen wood, stained walls, and rotting floorboards or crumbling sheetrock. You can even have damaged electrical wiring if the water damage is bad enough, which can prove to be disastrous. If you want to get the most out of your garage, make sure it remains dry and have all water damage addressed by a water damage restoration company.

Your garage can be just as susceptible to mold and water damage as any other part of your property. If you have a water issue in your garage, try to contain the damage as much as you can so you can keep your garage in great condition for longer.