Water Damage Cleaning Guide To Speed Up Home Repairs

The problems with water damage in your home can be a headache. The damage needs to be repaired before problems get worse. Cleaning up is the first step in the process and will be the start of repairing the damage.

When cleaning up to repair water damage, there is work to do. You want to make sure that all the water is gone and that the repairs can begin. You need to make sure that all the water and moisture is gone. The following guide will help you begin the cleaning process to begin the repairs:

  • Remove Standing Water—The standing water in your home can be one of the biggest problems. This water will need to be removed before it causes problems to get worse. You will want to use whatever tools you have available to begin removing the water from your home. These can be pumps, hoses, and buckets to bail the water out.
  • Start with Demolition Work—The demolition work will also need to be done before beginning the repairs. You are going to need to remove materials that can cause problems like mold growth. These materials include carpet, drywall, and organic materials where mold can start to grow. If you reuse any materials, make sure they are clean and dry before they are reinstalled in your home.
  • Dry Out Materials—Dry the materials that are going to be used, as well as your entire home. You may want to use industrial fans to begin drying things out. These fans can be rented, or you can talk to a restoration service about getting fans and helping with repairs. Open all the windows and doors to circulate air with the fans. This will dry up any moisture that has been left behind.
  • Test and Inspect for Mold—As you begin to complete the cleaning and repair water damage, you may notice mildew. This can be the start of serious mold problems that need to be taken care of now. Therefore, before the water damage repairs are completed, test for mold. If there is mold growth, you will want to have it removed. You may also want to treat materials like wood for mold before the drywall is replaced. Doing these things now will prevent serious headaches with future mold problems.

Do these things to clean up water damage and begin repairing your home. If you need help with repairs, contact a water damage restoration service for help beginning the cleaning process.