5 Noteworthy Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Basement

Basement water damage is one of the major problems that homeowners experience. It is caused by various things, such as pipe bursts, wall cracks, groundwater, excessive rainwater, and interior moisture sources like humidifiers, showers, or food preparation activities.

Fortunately, you can control the water content in your basement by waterproofing it. Here are the benefits of waterproofing your basement.

1. Prevents Mold Growth

Mold usually thrives in damp environments, and thus when you have a wet basement, mold will appear within a short time. Mildew can ruin the integrity of your walls by staining them. The spores from the mold are a health hazard when inhaled as they can lead to allergic reactions or respiratory infections. Therefore, it is vital to get waterproofing services to prevent mold and protect your family from these health risks.

2. Prevents Basement Flooding

If your region experiences storms and your basement has cracks, it is only a matter of time before it turns into a pool. Basement flooding will damage your valuable items and weaken the entire structure. Waterproofing services protect you from costly renovation projects and the intricate processes of filing home insurance claims.

Waterproofing experts help seal your basement and put in place mechanisms to direct water away from it. This way, you won't worry about basement flooding every time it rains heavily.

3. Keeps Your Basement Dry

Most people don't use their basement to store items or even as an extra room because of the wetness. The typical dampness in the basement can ruin valuable items and make the space too cold to serve as an additional bedroom. However, if you waterproof your basement, you will keep it warm, dry, and comfortable. Anyone can spend the night there, or you can freely store your items.

4. Prevents Foundation Cracks

At times, the cracks in the foundation are caused by water trapped in the basement. During winter, for example, the rising groundwater creates hydrostatic pressure against the foundation and leads to cracks. Therefore, waterproofing will help prevent these cracks and save you the cash you would otherwise spend on repairs.

5. Reduces Your Energy Bills

When your basement is filled with humidity, it will transfer the cold and wet air to other parts of the house, especially the rooms above it. This means that you will have to use your gas furnace or electric heat pump more often to maintain favorable indoor temperature. However, when your basement is dry, your indoor temperature will be within the normal levels.

Waterproofing your basement will preserve the structural integrity of your house and save you from expensive repairs and restoration projects. All you need is to contract a seasoned waterproofing contractor for quality services.

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