Waterproofing Solutions To Extend Your Building’s Lifespan

Water leaks and moisture can cause significant damages to various parts of a building. It ruins the property's aesthetics and compromises its structural integrity. Many homeowners notice these leaks when it is too late, and water has already made its way into the walls and foundation. Waterproofing your home is a crucial stage in the construction process that all homeowners should take seriously. This measure can effectively minimize damage to the building during heavy rains or snow blizzards that trap moisture in the roof and floors. Many damage contractors can offer various waterproofing services depending on your house's specific needs. You can avoid unnecessary stress by hiring them when the need arises. They can apply either of the following methods to protect your house from water damage. 

Using Cementitious Coatings

One of the most widely used waterproofing solutions is using cement-based coatings. Contractors use cement to cover the surfaces of bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas prone to getting wet. Experts recommend this solution for more recessed areas like the basement and terrace. Reputable contractors use flexible coatings to prevent the cement from cracking and breaking due to the expansion and contraction of the building's structure. The flexibility of the coating depends on the type of solid chemical polymers used in the cement mixture. Many contractors can repair cracks and maintain the coating by applying a fresh plaster of cement.

Using Bitumen-Based Coatings

The bituminous coating, also known as asphalt coating, is a sticky, highly viscous liquid made of bitumen. Many contractors use this solution for waterproofing because it is water-resistant and has reinforced fiber properties. It is used in internal parts of the building that are not directly exposed to the sunlight, like the basement. It is also common to find this solution in low-sloped roofs, preventing water seepage from rain. Bitumen-based coatings are not UV resistant and require high skill artistry to get it right. Reputable contractors apply additional materials like acrylic-based polymers that are flexible, protecting them from direct sunlight. 

Using Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

This waterproofing method is the most effective because it is more resistant to UV rays, flexible, and can last for a long time. An experienced contractor can formulate and apply a long-lasting membrane on your floors or flat roof by using high-quality and durable polymers. You can apply this membrane to your flat roof terrace, basement, and swimming pool. It would be best to hire professionals to evaluate the moisture content of the area before applying the membrane. It is the most durable solution provided by various waterproofing contractors across the country.

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