Why Should You Contact A Restoration Company Immediately After A Storm?

Storms can be devastating. Whether you're dealing with hurricanes, flooding, or blizzards, the results are almost always the same—catastrophic damage that can take months or longer to repair. The immediate aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming, especially if your home has suffered severe damage, but quick action is often essential. 

While taking care of your family's safety is always your top priority, contacting a restoration company should be high on your list once you've handled your basic needs. If you think it's a problem that can wait for later, consider these three important ways that quick action can save you money and help get you back into your home sooner.

1. Protection Is Essential

Your home is your castle, but storm damage can leave gaping holes in its defenses. It's not uncommon for severe storm damage to destroy windows, create large holes in the roof, or even rip down doors. This damage can make your home a tempting target for unscrupulous individuals or leave it vulnerable to wildlife infestations.

Any storm restoration project involves temporarily sealing up these areas and ensuring your home is as protected as possible. While it's not always possible to completely protect a severely damaged home, these steps are often an insurance company requirement. Even if they aren't foolproof, they prove you're doing all you can to prevent unwanted intrusion.

2. More Damage May Occur

Thieves and wildlife aren't the only threats to a storm-damaged home. In addition to intruders, you may also need to worry about more damage from the elements. A weakened roof or blown-out windows can allow rain or snow to enter your home, creating even more damage than the original storm caused. Additional flooding may lead to mold or even structural issues.

A professional restoration team will evaluate your home for these problems and put up temporary protective measures, such as installing a tarp to cover any major areas of roof damage. These steps will help minimize further damage, ensuring that your repair project doesn't drag on due to problems that developed after the storm.

3. Moisture Requires Immediate Action

Arguably the most important reason to bring in a storm damage team as soon as possible is to start dealing with moisture damage immediately. Mold can grow in a flood-damaged home in less than 48 hours, making the first days after a storm critical. A restoration company's first steps will often be drying out everything possible and quickly removing moisture from your home.

While moisture and mold damage is almost inevitable after severe storm damage, quick action can minimize the problem and help save as much of your home as possible. By acting fast, you'll reduce the cost of your repairs and return to your home much sooner.

Contact a local storm damage restoration service to learn more.