Do You Have Water In The Basement Of Your Newly Built Home? What To Do Before Calling Your Builder

If you've recently built a home and you've noticed that your sump pump is overflowing, there are a few professionals you want to call. There are a lot of different reasons why the house may have flooded, but flooding will always devalue your home and can be associated with health risks, so the flooding has to be solved. Here are a few professionals you want to get in contact with so you can figure out why the basement flooded and who is accountable for the problem. Read More 

The Proper Methods For Mold Remediation Within A Critical Facility

Like with most industries, there is a standard of care in the mold remediation industry that determines the methods that those working in the industry must follow to ensure that they properly help their customers recover from their mold problems. If mold problems are not handled within the standards of care, the conditions might worsen to the point where the building must be evacuated. Challenges Regarding Building Inspections Inspecting a building to determine the cause of a mold problem can be very challenging, especially when those who are performing the inspections are not performing the correct procedures to ensure that the mold is properly identified and eliminated. Read More 

How To Clean Up Water Damage In Your Basement

Basements are the biggest areas of any home to get hit hard with water damage in the case of a flood. As a homeowner, this can be devastating, but luckily, there are ways you can clean up the water damage and restore your basement to how it was before with just a few steps. Here's what to do. Be Safe: Before you begin on water damage clean up in the basement, you want to be sure that you are going to be safe. Read More 

3 Tips for dealing with Your Insurance Company after a House Fire

No matter how much you grumble about your monthly home insurance bill, you'll be glad that you have the insurance company on your side after a devastating event like a house fire. But getting compensated for your damage claim isn't always as easy as you might like it to be. Here are a few tips that can make dealing with your insurance company after a house fire easier and help you get your claim paid faster. Read More 

Avoiding Toxic Black Mold After Extensive Water Damage

After a flood or severe leak, you may be concerned with the presence of mold. Many molds can be an inconvenience to search for and remove, but toxic black mold is an even bigger problem because of how dangerous it can be to your health. The distinction of "toxic" is important -- while there are many types of black molds, not all are dangerous. Because of the way black mold grows, this will affect what you need to do for mold prevention to keep it from growing or to catch it before it goes too far. Read More